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Professional Care for the Performance Horse
Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
About Us
EQUOMEDLUMARK - Michael Baxter and Mark Lu initiated the "Horse Therapy Products"-Project together on Medica Fair in Düsseldorf in 2007. By combining the successful and patented technology of Lumarks products for humans and the experience of Equine Sport therapist Michael Baxter, the EQUOMEDLUMARK therapy line for sport horses has been created. After extensive research and design studies the first Cold Compression Boots have been launched in 2009 and were first used at Aachen International Horse Show. Meanwhile EQUOMEDLUMARK Cold Compression Boots are widely used by top riders, many international teams and are recommended by leading team veterinarians, for there riders. LU MARK ENTERPRISES INC. - was established in 1992 with its Head Office and factories in Taiwan. LU MARK is specialized in Hot & Cold products for professional use in human physiotherapy. With its unique patented compression technology, LU MARK is widely renowned for its quality (German TÜV certificates) and efficacy. In 2009 LU MARK won the 1st price for its products for rehabilitation and orthopedic technology at the International Trade Fair Expo Life in Germany. Michal Baxter - graduate of McGill University in Animal Science. he is a certified massage Therapist, an Acupressurist from the Royal Acupressure Society of Alberta, as well as a Touch For Health Instructor of the International Kinesiology College in Alberta. For fifteen years, Michael has trained and shown horses internationally. His experience as a Massage Therapist and his lifetime love of horses prompted him to develop a system for Equine Sport Enhancement. Using the principles of sports massage, acupressure, applied kinesiology, he has designed a program which can enhance the performance of the equine athlete as well as, the life-span for competition with increased mobility, power and endurance. Using his profound knowledge he has designed the new EquomedLumark product line of Hot & Cold Products for optimal pre- and post-event horse care as well as for rehabilitation purposes.
Lu Mark (left) and Michael Baxter (right), the EQUOMEDLUMARK-Team
Michael Baxter Equine Sport Therapy Phone: 1-561 460 27999 m.baxter@equomed.com
We did not invent HOT & COLD Therapy. We simply perfected it
Professional Care for the Performance Horse