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Professional Care for the Performance Horse
Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
Frequently Asked Questions
When is it beneficial for the horse to use cooling products? After hard work, competition, or a problem with inflammation definitely yes! At any time you have inflammation, there can be secondary damage form the swelling to the tissues, that's why cooling is recommended after hard work. Cool down your horse properly by walking before using the cold therapy.
How do I freeze the Gel-packs properly? 1) Use a freezer and not cooler to get a sufficient low temperature. 2) Keep the packs in the freezer when not needed. 3) Even the gel in the pack before use. 4) Use enough air-pressure on the boot.
How long should I leave the iceboots on my horse? The Cold Compression Boots, iceboots or any ice treatments should not exeed 30 minutes. We suggest our clients 20 minutes.
Can the ice packs burn or hurt the horse? The cooling gel in the gel pack is made to stay over a certain freezing degree, so it can not burn or hurt the horse. 
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