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Professional Care for the Performance Horse
Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
All EquomedLumark Cold Compression Boots are designed for a proper anatomic fit on the horse's joints. Materials used are designed for professional use and of highly durable quality.  All Compression Boot consists of:         - Compression boot (inflatable)         - Gel Pack         - Pump     The best for your horse !
We did not invent HOT & COLD Therapy. We simply perfected it
Cold therapy for equine application has got growing interest with the latest anti-doping regulations, especially for pre- and post-event therapy, preventive therapy, and rehabilitation. Application of Cold is a highly effective therapy function and has been proven to be a simple, effective an cost saving technique for managing sport horses, by shorting recovery time, by reducing secondary swellings, increasing blood flow, reducing muscle spasm as well as reducing pain. Derived from well-known Lumark therapy products for humans, Michael Baxter has developed Cold Compression Boots specifically designed for the horse's anatomy. The patented Compression system guarantees a highly efficient cooling effect for maximum effect.
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