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Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
Products - Overviews
Cold Compression Boots Cold Compression Boots, comes as pairs - Compression Boot, inflatable with hand pump - Gelpack, high capacity - available for knee/ankle, hocks, tendons and hooves. High durable material for long lasting product quality. Highest efficacy in cooling your horse legs.
Tendon - Cold Compression Boots
Gel-packs and Wraps A variety of Gelpacks for individual use and as spare parts for your Cold Compression Boots are available. Gelpacks can be easily fixed on your horse using quick fasteners of elastic Vet Wraps.
Gel-Packs - single or as Sets can be used for local hot & cold treatments
Ice-Flow System This  pump unit is a semi closed loop system that allows ice- water to be re-circulated at a constant flow rate through special ice flow wraps, which are attached to horse's legs. The system provides a constant cooling effect over prolonged times (+/- 2 C ). By this innovative circulation system a safe and continuous cold therapy is delivered, for a longer time. Ice flow wraps are designed for exactly fitting the different anatomical areas to provide ideal contact and guarantee a consistent cooling effect. Ice flow wraps for carpal, hock joints, tendons and hooves are available.
Ice-Flow System - Tendon boots
Memory Foam Products Initially developed by NASA to absorb the G-forces in start and landing of space crafts, EquomedLumark products use Memory Foam material to increase health and performance of your horse. Saddle pads made with this material absorbs shocks an pressure from saddle while riding. The snug fit gives you a more closer feeling of the horse back and its movement. Memory Foam can also be used as Trainings Wraps, to stabilise and support the horses feet in training and competition
Memory Foam - Saddle Pad
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