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Professional Care for the Performance Horse
Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
Our unique Technology
EquomedLumark‘s Award Winning Product combines the magnetic and the negative Ion effects in one product. In co-operation with Chinese doctors a unique product was created. The careful selection and positioning of magnets and the unique negative Ion producing material makes the secret - a convincing effectiveness ! The basic effects of EquomedLumark‘s Ion-Magnet Therapy are    - increased blood flow    - reduction of pain    - reinforcing collagen fibres    - strengthening of autonomic nervous system This makes the system ideal for recovery and rehabilitation purposes, especially after hard training workouts, competitions or in rehabilitation after injuries.
Compression makes the difference
The tighter the cold wrap can be fixed on the horse leg, the better is the cooling effect. Equomed-Lumarks Cold Compression Boots offers a unique method to deliver the cold directly to the horse skin. By using inflatable boots, the air compression will increase:
EquomedLumark only uses highest quality Gel-packs, initially designed for human sports. They offer outstanding capacity and quality. The Extra durable materials makes the EquomedLumark product to preferred trainer’s choice.
Quality is all about
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  - tight contact of cold wrap to the horse legs and joints   - compression effects to reduces swellings   - tight fit, to keep the wrap in place
NASA technology - the Memory Foam Saddle Pads                                  and Wraps
Initially developed by NASA to absorb the G-forces in start and landing of space crafts, EquomedLumark products use Memory Foam material to increase health and performance of your horse. Saddle pads made with this material absorbs shocks an pressure from saddle while riding. The snug fit gives you a more closer feeling of the horse back and its movement. Memory Foam can also be used as Trainings Wraps, to stabilise and support the horses feet in training and competition. Supports and protects the tendons. Memory foam wraps can also be used as stable bandages.
Magnet-Ion Technology