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Professional Care for the Performance Horse
Unique World patented System for closer contact and improved cooling effect !
Dennis Lynch, GP winner Aachen 2009
The compression factor on the Equomed-Lumark therapy boots really drives the cold in, so the effectiveness of cooling the legs after hard work is fantastic.
Patrick Nisbett, International Jumping
"I've found the equomed products to be very usefull for my team of horses, both on the circuit and at home. The beauty in them is that they are easy to use and easy to transport. No bulky machines and impractival hoses or cables with the same effect if not better then  those machines.
Sergio Alvarez Moya,  International Jumping
"Besides the fantastic effect of reducing secondary swelling in the legs, it is a super esay system for the grooms when you are managing 2-3 international horses in competition."
Dr. Marcus Swail, MRCVS team veterinarian, Ireland
The Equomed-Lumark cold and compression therapy boots are one of the best designs I have seen for rehabilitation and post exercise stress for sport horses.
BFS, member of spanish team  “The moment I saw the Equomed-Lumark cold compression products I started using them. It is an innovative system, which allows to cool a bigger surface of the horses legs, and therefore it is much more effective I use them daily on my horses after work, especially after a more intensive training and the results are really fantastic!”
Carl Hester, International and Olympic Dressage Rider "These boots are the  coldest I've seen on the market with no freeze gel.  They mould perfectly to the legs and tendons and its really cold.We use both tendon boots and hock boots on daily base. Absolutely fantastic product!"
Jason Bridgman, Te Akau Stud, NZ
The ice boots have been really good. They are user friendly, much more practical than straight ice and we find we treat a lot more horses because of this. They are so practical that it isn’t a choice to ice the horses anymore. The boots themselves are hardwearing and without issue.  I also like the hoof boots, they do a great job.